‘Micra Anglia’ – Exclusive Hotel

‘Micra Anglia’ – Exclusive Hotel

Valmas Giannis

The story behind the business

‘Micra Anglia’ is a luxury hotel in the town of Chora which overlooks the Aegean Sea and offers elegant rooms and gourmet local cuisine. There are 11 rooms all decorated in a neoclassic style with natural materials and oak floors. The décor of each room is white and soft grey creating a relaxing environment. The hotel’s restaurant offers traditional recipes with a modern twist and the hotel also has a vast collection of fine wines.


Contact Details

Tel: 0030 2282022207

Email: info@micra-anglia.gr

Website: www.micra-anglia.gr/



About Sustainable Aegean

Sustainable Aegean Programme consolidates and systematizes the work of Elliniki Etairia in the Aegean. This work, commenced as early as 1972, includes conferences, scientific events, the recording and registering of the region’s cultural heritage, student competitions and local interventions for each island instigated by resident requests or by Elliniki Etairia’s numerous local committees throughout the Aegean.
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