IAMATA Herbs from Amorgos

IAMATA Herbs from Amorgos

Vassalos Vagelis

The story behind the business
Iamata is an organisation which cultivates and processes pharmaceutical aromatic plants and herbs that grow on the island of Amorgos, as well as others, without harming Amorgos’ natural environment. According to the Flora Hellenic Database Amorgos contains 600 species of flora. The reason for why there is such a variety of flora on the island may be because of the island’s microclimate, geological formation and geomagnetic content. Visitors are more then welcome to come and explore IAMATA’s workshop and its gardens. Local products can also be bought at IAMATA.

Difficulties of a sustainable business

Getting ready to harvest the plants is always an issue as it requires a lot of walking and the harvesters need to know what species of flora are growing in which regions of the island.

Plans for the future

Flora research is a priority to the founders of IAMATA. They want to conduct a series of scientific studies focusing on inter-population, intra-population, and seasonal, lunar and diurnal variations. This research will guarantee which locations on the island will produce the best crops, therefore avoiding unnecessary harvest in other parts of Amorgos. Additionally, they are investigating Amorgos’ ethno botanical expertise by interviewing islanders and documenting traditional Amorgos agricultural methods.

Benefits to the local community
IAMATA educates schools and visitors the benefits of a sustainable business. Visitors can also buy unique natural products which are ISO certified. Apart from IAMATA providing botanical walks it offers an important alternative tourist product that contributes to sustaining Amorgos’ local community.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0030 6934385258

Fax: 0030 2285073060

Email: info@iamata.gr

Website: http://www.iamata.gr


About Sustainable Aegean

Sustainable Aegean Programme consolidates and systematizes the work of Elliniki Etairia in the Aegean. This work, commenced as early as 1972, includes conferences, scientific events, the recording and registering of the region’s cultural heritage, student competitions and local interventions for each island instigated by resident requests or by Elliniki Etairia’s numerous local committees throughout the Aegean.
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